Commercial and Domestic Security Options

DOMESTIC AND COMMERCIAL CCTV INSTALLATION CCTV provides your home or business with effective surveillance technology. Carefully positioned digital cameras will act as a deterrent to opportunist crime, and demonstrate to burglars that you’re serious about defending the...

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Source: The number of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points added to the network in London, the East and South East, has increased by nearly 2,700 in the past 12 months, UK Power Networks has revealed today. The new findings have...

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Do you need an EICR?

An EICR is an Electrical Installation Condition Report. It is a formal document that is produced following an assessment of the electrical installation within a property. It must be carried out by an experienced qualified electrician or approved contractor. There are...

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Garden Lighting Tips

Professional secrets for lighting gardens MOONLIGHTING - The placement of a spotlight in a tree to create dappled pools of light can be a great way to light a terrace or a path. However, make sure you only point the light downward and don’t try to light across a...

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Zero emissions

Zero Emission and Smooth driving experienceThe only noise an electric motor makes is a faint whirring sound, so this means comfort is big inside the cabin. The only thing you will hear on the road is tyre, wind and road noise, and if you’re around town, all three of...

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What exactly is the OZEV / OLEV EVHS grant?

As an additional incentive for UK drivers to reduce emissions, the government grant for Homecharge units has been provided by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OZEV/OLEV). The OZEV/OLEV Grant, also known as Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS), provides £350...

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