Zero Emission and Smooth driving experience

The only noise an electric motor makes is a faint whirring sound, so this means comfort is big inside the cabin. The only thing you will hear on the road is tyre, wind and road noise, and if you’re around town, all three of these will be minimal.

The noise from electric vehicles is so minimal that some manufacturers are adding sound generators to ensure pedestrians and other road users are aware of their presence when driving.


Many EVs are designed to be comfortable around town. The suspension needs to be firm to carry the weight of the batteries, and the comfort to the ride complements the lack of noise. The batteries tend to be mounted low in the car, and the electric motor takes up less space than the engine so the passenger compartment will offer more space to that of a similar sized petrol/diesel car.

Electric Car Charging Unit Installation

Electric cars are one of the fastest growing businesses at the moment and so we are here to help you install electric car charging point at your property.

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