Electrical Fault Finding in Chesham, Amersham, Beaconsfield and surrounding areas.

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You may have an electrical problem if your circuit keeps tripping or fuses keep blowing. This can happen at any time, day or night. The result is that you may find you have no lights or even power which can be inconvenient and even dangerous.

Electrical Fault Finding in Amersham, Chesham, Beaconsfield and surrounding areas.


All electrical installations will deteriorate over time, even if they are installed perfectly. Sometimes electrical faults develop due to wear and tear or are caused by a specific incident or event. Some faults are easy to identify, and others need a little further investigation and testing to determine the cause of the issue, Current UK Electrical can work with you to narrow down the possibilities and speed up the fault finding process.

Here at Current UK Electrical, we have a great understanding of electrical installations and their components, so we can swiftly identify any problems and expertly fix the issue to get things back to normal quickly. If you need any part of your electrical installation tested and inspected for electrical faults in Amersham, Chesham, Beaconsfield and surroudning areas, then Current UK Electrical is the company to call.



Electrical installations don’t conform to social rules and sociable hours; they can break down at any time of the day. This can be extremely inconvenient, especially if it is an essential electrical item that you use daily such as lights, socket outlets and heating.

Here at Current UK Electrical, not only are we experts in finding the cause of the problem, but we provide an emergency call out service that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Whatever time you have an electrical issue in Amersham, Chesham, Beaconsfield and surroudning areas, call Current UK Electrical and we’ll send out an engineer as soon as possible that will fix your electrical fault quickly, efficiently and to a high standard.



Current UK Electrical engineers understand that reactive maintenance is important.  Reactive maintenance is the process where we fix an electrical circuit or component when it is already broken and is completely unusable. Usually, if you detect that there may be an issue developing in your electrical installation, it is best to repair the fault before significant damage occurs. In many instances, preventative maintenance does not take place and electrical installations can break down completely. Preventing problems is another reason why EICR’s are so important as they can often identify future problems, which permits you to resolve them before they occur. Current UK Electrical engineers are highly skilled and trained in many different electrical installations, therefore, we can get you back up and running again as quickly as possible with our reactive maintenance services.



An electrical installation condition report is a document that you receive after an electrical inspection. An electrical inspection of your property is mandatory if you’re a landlord leasing out your property to tenants, you’re buying or selling a property or if a flood or fire has taken place on the property. Different types of premises have different recommended intervals of inspections which can vary from every three months to every 10 years so it’s important to see when your last inspection took place and when the next recommended EICR is due.

Current UK Electrical will perform a thorough check on your electrical installation to ensure that your electrics are in full working order. After the inspection has been completed, we will provide you with an electrical installation condition report. This report will detail all the circuits tested and any deviations that we have found in your electrical installation that need to be fixed.


Thermal imaging is an advanced precautionary tool for electrical systems that lets you see beyond the naked eye. It is not always possible to shutdown and inspect all areas of an electrical installation therefore, thermal imaging allows an electrician or other professional body to see if there’s any areas of the electrical system that are under strain or have underlying issues.

All electrical systems deteriorate with age because of constant use, load and environmental influences. As the systems start to deteriorate they may start to display elevated temperatures which can lead to failures and even worse,  they can be the source of an electrical fire. Thermal imaging can help to identify any electrical systems that are under strain and are operating at dangerous levels that could potentially cause electrical failures and fires. Here at Current UK Electrical, we have thermal imaging equipment with trained electrical engineers that can perform this service for you to help keep you safe.



All electrical systems have a maximum capacity that they can facilitate before it becomes unsafe. Performing an electrical load test is a great way to see how much capacity the electrical system has left and is required in many situations, such as adding to a system within a building or when verifying the amount of electricity that is being consumed. An electrical load test can also help you see where you can reduce costs.

Here at Current UK Electrical, we have equipment and engineers that can monitor and test your electrical load capacity to ensure that your electrical systems are safe and conform to the current laws and standards.

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