Expert Tips for Garden Lighting

MOONLIGHT EFFECT – Installing a spotlight high in a tree to mimic natural moonlight creates charming light patches, ideal for illuminating a terrace or pathway. Ensure the light is directed downward to avoid the harshness of a security light.

EFFICIENT LED USAGE – The efficiency of LED lights means smaller fittings are often sufficient. These fittings usually require drivers, so plan for discreet placement of waterproof boxes, possibly hidden in foliage or behind structures if no shed or outdoor room is available.

CONSISTENT COLOR TEMPERATURE – Match the color temperature across all LED lights. ‘Warm white’ varies by manufacturer, so check the specific temperature value. While 2800k LEDs are preferred indoors, a slightly cooler 3000k in gardens can enhance the foliage with a crisper look.

CABLE MANAGEMENT – Encasing electrical cables in mesh-reinforced tubing is wise for protection against accidental damage or wildlife, like cable-chewing foxes.

WATERPROOF CONNECTIONS – Ensure all electrical connections are thoroughly sealed to prevent moisture ingress, which can damage even high-quality external light fittings.

DRAINAGE FOR IN-GROUND LIGHTING – Ensure good drainage for any in-ground lighting like recessed uplights to prevent water accumulation.

STEP LIGHTING WITH CONTRAST – For step lighting, illuminate alternate risers. This creates a subtler effect while maintaining visibility of each step.

These guidelines are in line with The Society of Garden Designers’ standards.

Our Outdoor Lighting Solutions in Amersham, Chesham, Beaconsfield, and nearby areas cover a range of services:

  • Security Lighting
  • Up-lighting and Down-lighting
  • Low Energy Lighting Options
  • Comprehensive Outdoor Electrics
  • External Sockets
  • Lighting for External Structures
  • Garage and Shed Lighting
  • Specialized Garden Lighting in Amersham, Chesham, Beaconsfield, and surrounding regions.

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