LED Lighting

LED Lighting in Amersham, Chesham, Beaconsfield and surrounding areas.

LED Lighting Installation

Current UK Electrical can help with all your LED lighting needs – from advising you on where to put your new lights and assisting with design to fitting them, testing them and upgrading them.

The benefits of LED bulbs

Not all LED lights are installed as part of a bright, attractive design. Simple LED bulbs are also used as an alternative to standard incandescent, halogen and CFL bulbs, which are used in overhead lights, bedside lamps, desk lights and more. The benefits of LED bulbs for everyday use are that they are longer-lasting, more energy-efficient and more durable. Unlike other types of bulbs, they do not get hot through regular use, and they do not contain delicate glass tubes, filaments, mercury or lead – making them a truly safe option for your property.

LED lighting for homes and commercial spaces

Here are some common types of LED lights that you may like to choose from:

  • Strip lights: LED strips are commonly used under kitchen cabinets to illuminate the countertop, and also across office ceilings to provide a bright, clean glow to the workspace.
  • Security lights: LEDs are also becoming popular for use outdoors as security floodlights.
  • Spotlights: LED spotlights are commonly used throughout modern properties. They might be used outdoors to light up the garden path, or on a kitchen, bathroom or lounge ceiling to provide soft, discreet lighting. Individual LED spotlights are also often used to illuminate features of the home (e.g. shelves with picture frames).
  • Coloured lights: A lot of property owners like to use coloured LED lights to create elaborate, eye-catching contemporary designs.

Installations, repairs and replacements

Our Part P-approved, NICEIC-registered engineers will fit or repair your LED lighting system so that it is safe, attractive and up to date. As with all our electrical work, we’ll carry out a full test and inspection once the work has been completed. LED lighting designs

Current UK Electrical can help you design your LED lighting system. We’ll assist you in choosing which type of LED bulb would be most suitable for your needs. This includes the shape (spotlight, candle, golf ball or reflector) and the warmth of the colour (warm white, cool white or daylight). If you want to be able to dim your LED lighting, we’ll ensure you are able to do so. Our electricians are happy to advise you on the design and placement of your LED lighting system, so that you are able to create an ambient, perfectly lit home or commercial space.

To find out more about whether LED lighting is the right option for your property, or to get a free, no-obligation quote for an installation, repair or upgrade, contact us at Current UK Electrical.

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