Ring Doorbell

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Live View

This is the feature on the ring app that lets you view what the camera is seeing from anywhere in the world providing that you have an internet connection, this can be used to do a quick check of your property when you are away to make sure everything is OK

Motion Detection

This is clever software inside your doorbell that can actually see when someone has breached the perimeter that you have set and will then send an alert straight to your smart phone alerting you to the breach, you will then be presented with a live feed from the camera showing you exactly whats going on. This motion detection system is so advanced it can actually be altered to different ranges allowing you to keep the motion detection within your property.

2 Way Sound

The 2 way sound system is a great feature that actually turns this doorbell into an intercom system, not only can you see what is happening at your property but you can also hear it, and if that wasn’t enough you can actually talk to the person outside your property making this system one of the most versatile systems on the market for the money.

The Camera

Packed into this small housing is a full HD 1080p camera that will record all your footage in full HD this makes collecting evidence from the camera a lot easier as the footage will be usable, not only can it record HD quality video during the day but also in the night too! Using inferred LED lights the camera can see in the dark meaning that no matter what time it is you will always have a clear view.

The App

The app is probably the best feature about this product, it allows you to carry out all the different tasks, view past video that is stored in the cloud automatically, and access your live view modes, and also the stats of your devices.


Are you looking to install a new Ring doorbell on your front door?

Considering to buy a new Ring doorbell and don’t know which model to go for?

Installing smart bell is a simple safety measure to protect you and your home.

The ring video doorbell is primarily used to answer the door for delivery people and guests. However, it is so much more. You can monitor movements while at your office or abroad. The Ring can record movements outside your doorstep, and you can see if there are any unwanted visitors or suspicious movements 24/7.

Each Ring doorbell has its features, and you can choose whichever suit your according to your budget and needs.

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