Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Current UK Electrical

This FAQ page is designed to be informative, addressing the most common queries that potential customers might have. It covers a range of topics from service specifics to booking processes, payment methods, and after-service support, offering a comprehensive overview of Current UK Electrical’s offerings and policies.

General Questions

Where are your services available?

Current UK Electrical provides services in Chesham, Amersham, Beaconsfield, and the surrounding areas.

What types of services do you offer?

We offer a wide range of electrical services including repairs, installations, electric boiler servicing, underfloor heating solutions, lighting design, and more.

Do you offer services for both residential and commercial properties?

Yes, we cater to both domestic and commercial clients, offering tailored solutions to meet all electrical needs.

How long do typical electrical services take to complete?

The duration varies depending on the service. Minor repairs might be completed within a few hours, while larger installations like house rewiring or electric boiler installations could take longer. We always aim to complete work efficiently without compromising on quality.

Do you offer any warranties or guarantees on your services?

Yes, we offer warranties and guarantees on specific services and installations. The details of these warranties vary depending on the nature of the service and will be clearly outlined in the service agreement.

Service Specific Questions

Can you install electric vehicle chargers?

Absolutely, we specialise in the installation of electric vehicle chargers, accommodating the growing demand for eco-friendly transportation solutions.

Do you perform safety checks and electrical inspections?

Yes, we conduct Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR) and various safety checks to ensure your electrical systems are compliant and safe.

What kind of emergency services do you offer?

We provide a 24-hour call-out service for emergency electrical issues, ensuring prompt and efficient resolution of unexpected problems.

Can you help with energy-efficient lighting solutions?

Yes, we specialise in energy-efficient lighting solutions, including LED lighting. We can assist in planning and installing lighting that reduces energy consumption and costs.

Payment and Policies

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept various card payments for your convenience.

Are your electricians certified and insured?

Absolutely. All our electricians are fully certified and insured, ensuring that they are qualified to handle a wide range of electrical tasks with the utmost professionalism and safety. 

Booking and Estimates

How do I book a service?

You can book a service by contacting us via phone or email. Our contact details are available on our website.

Do you offer free estimates?

Yes, we provide free estimates for our services, excluding insurance-related work.

After Service Support

What kind of after-service support do you offer?

Our commitment to our clients extends beyond the completion of the job. We offer comprehensive after-service support to address any follow-up concerns or additional requirements.

How can I provide feedback on your services?

We welcome and value feedback. You can provide feedback directly via phone, email, or through our website.

What happens if an electrical issue reoccurs after a repair?

We stand by the quality of our work. If an issue reoccurs after our repair, please contact us immediately. We will address the problem as soon as possible, ensuring your complete satisfaction and safety.

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